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EU70 pro

EU70 pro multi-function electric stirrer is suitable for mixing liquids of varying viscosity in the laboratory.With new brushless motor and control chip, inculding function of strong mixing, timing control, speed memory and automatic adjustment, speed and torque dynamic curve display, temperature measurement and display, torque compensation etc. Sensitive touch button and one-button shuttle button, which makes the operation easier.This model can be equipped with host computer and data connection function, which can be easily integrated into modules and systems to meet diverse research and development needs.

It has the functions of timing switch, forward and reverse rotation of the spindle, speed memory, torque display, temperature measurement, data output, data connection, etc.

Excellent performance
Stable operation with the strong power, processing maximum of capacity 50L, maximum output torque

Safe and reliable
The motor has functions such as overheat protection, overload protection, dumping shutdown protection, etc.

-TFT LCD display                                
-Timing operation      
-Programmable function                 
-Torque dynamic measurement         
-Penetrating stirrer                             
-Temperature measurement
-Data external function                    
-Silent operation      
-Overload protection


Motor power 205W
Power supply 200~240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum working capacity (H₂O) 50L
Maximum working viscosity 60000cP
Speed range 30~2000rpm
Timing range 0-6000mins
Speed memory Yes
Speed control Stepless speed regulation
Precise speed control 1rpm
Speed display Digital display
Maximum output torque 70N·cm
Shaft length Adjustable
Standard dispersing agitator Four blade agitator
Standard agitator material SS316L
Agitator fixation Drill chuck
Clench diameter range 0.5~10mm
Forward and reverse rotation switching Yes
Button lock Yes
Button dynamic monitoring and display Yes
Speed dynamic detection and display Yes
Host computer and data connection Yes (software EU control for optional)
Intermittent control Yes (software EU control for optional)
Dumping protection Yes (automatic shutdown at 30 degrees tilt)
Temperature measurement function Yes
External temperature sensor PT1000 (for optional)
Temperature measurement range -50~400℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy 0.15+0.002|t|℃
Temperature display function Yes
Overheat protection 75℃
Working temperature 5~40℃
Allowable relative humidity 80%
Working frame, Base Standard
Class of protection IP30
Communication interface DB-9/USB-Type c
Shell material Aluminium alloy
Package size 220x350x720
Weight ~5.9kg
Package Carton






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