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20 Years

FLUKO was founded in the 1990s, focusing on the research of mixing process enhancement. The company has developed high-shear mixing equipment, micro-structured mixing equipment, new blade mixing equipment and other mixing and strengthening equipment and their application technologies. It is a national strategic emerging industry and food for new materials, biology, new energy vehicles, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. , Chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medicine, chemical fiber, agriculture and other traditional industries, customers provide solutions for process difficulties in production, experiments such as dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, solid-liquid dispersion mixing, extraction, absorption, crystallization, polymerization, reaction, etc. , Is one of the leaders in the field of hybrid strengthening. The company adheres to the core concept of „learning from the heart, working from the letter“, always puts the interests of customers first, always insists on the ingenuity of „continuous exploration and innovation“, and always insists on solving production and experiments for industry customers. Process difficulties, always adhere to provide customers with the best process, system and equipment solutions, integrity-based Full service, continuous innovation, and focus on maximizing customer value. The company is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, a small-tech giant cultivation enterprise in Shanghai, a top 100 enterprise in Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project, and a special new enterprise in Shanghai. The company has a perfect organizational structure and a complete management system. It has a first-class management and technical team in the mixed process to strengthen the industry. It holds nearly 80 patents and more than 10 technical standards. It is a technology leader and service in the domestic subdivision industry. Professional equipment and application technology supplier with perfect system. The company pays attention to the growth and progress of the team, provides professional training and development opportunities for employees, strengthens employees’ integration of social responsibility and innovative thinking into their work, and encourages the sharing of work happiness. The company’s customers are located in 36 countries and regions such as China, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and have accumulated 10,000+ successful cases. The company can provide empirical evidence for customers’ technology selection and process application based on the experience data of the successful cases. From customer working condition simulation to process optimization, from solution optimization to equipment development, from product development to quality control, from pre-sales consultation to after-sales service, FLUKO provides high-quality, visual and fast response services from start to finish. Sincerity, mission must be achieved, and the quality of FLUKOs gold medal, let customers have no worries!
  • 2020
    In 2020, apply for Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise. Jointly carried out the development of „high-performance polymer material efficient mixing equipment“ with Zhejiang University. FT series „Bagua fish-shaped micro-reactor“ obtained national patent.
  • 2019
    In 2019, an R & D plant will be established in Shanghai. In the same year, the company won the honorary titles of Shanghai „Science and Technology Giant Cultivation Enterprise“ and „Shanghai Top 100 High-tech Achievement Transformation Project“.
  • 2018
    In 2018, the company passed the high-tech enterprise certification for the third time; in the same year, it established the „Shanghai Jiaotong University-Shanghai FLUKO Fine Chemical Joint Laboratory“, and established the FLUKO Scholarship at the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
  • 2017
    In 2017, participated in national key scientific research projects (high-level pathogen microbiology laboratory biosafety protection technology and products); in the same year, the first phosgene reactor in Asia independently developed by the company was successfully applied to a TDI project in Shandong, and FLUKO became The second company in the world that can design and produce the core equipment.
  • 2016
    In 2016, the company won the honorary title of Jiading District Patent Work Demonstration Enterprise. In the same year, „Development and Application of Continuous High-Shear Reaction Crystallization System“ was approved as an industry-university-research project in Jiading District. Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project. „
  • 2015
    In 2015, the company won the honorary title of „specialized and special“ small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai, and the high-tech enterprises passed the review; in the same year, the „Tianjin University-Shanghai Froker Mixed Technology Joint Research Center“ was established.
  • 2014
    In 2014, PLM solid / liquid dispersion mixing system and Jieliu dispersion mixer were recognized as „Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project“; in the same year, „high-efficiency and energy-saving continuous solid-liquid dispersion mixing system“ won the technology of Shanghai technology-based SME Initiate innovation funds.
  • 2013
    In 2013, the high-shear dispersing emulsifier was recognized as the „Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project“.
  • 2012
    In 2012, the company won the honorary title of „High-tech Enterprise“ for the first time.
  • 2011
    In 2011, Jetstream Dispersing Mixer was successfully used in major projects such as Danone, Yili, Mengniu, and Wahaha.
  • 2010
    In 2010, the company moved to Shunda Road 300 Building 21-22; designed and manufactured an online reverse extraction device for Wengfu Phosphorus, replacing the traditional process, thus the customer won the first prize of „Science and Technology Progress Award“; Major member states of the Madrid Union Is protected.
  • 2009
    In 2009, Unilever directed the development of the highest level of fully automatic cosmetics pilot system in Asia, setting the industry benchmark.
  • 2008
    In 2008, Coca-Cola was provided with a powder-liquid mixing ingredient system, creating a new process of multi-formula dynamic mixing.
  • 2007
    In 2007, the three-stage pipeline high-shear dispersing emulsifier obtained the national patent authorization and became the company’s first successful invention patent.
  • 2006
    In 2006, it obtained the ISO9001 certification of TÜV Rheinland in Germany. In the same year, it participated in the German Ahemma Machinery Exhibition, one of the three international exhibitions.
  • 2005
    In 2005, the company’s products successfully won bids for major projects such as Sinopec, Givaudan, and Bright Dairy.
  • 2004
    In 2004, the pipeline solid-liquid dispersion mixer obtained a national patent, and the company achieved a successful expansion from batch products to continuous online products, making up for the technical gap in the domestic mixing field.
  • 2003
    In 2003, the movement of coal water slurry high-speed shearing dispersion emulsification machine obtained national patent, which became the first utility model patent successfully applied by the company.
  • 2002
    In 2002, the laboratory product represented by „FA25“ was designed and manufactured, and it has been sold so far. In the same year, the high-shear homogenizer obtained the national patent and became the company’s first successful design patent.
  • 2001
    In 2001, the „FLUKO“ trademark was registered and has been shining ever since.
  • 2000
    In 2000, a research and development department was established to set product standards.
  • 1999
    In 1999, founder Zhou Hongbin founded Shanghai Fluko in Room 1608, Electromechanical Building, 600 Hengfeng Road, and took the lead in applying high-shear equipment to the Chinese market.

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FLUKO WeChat After-Sales Support
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