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    1. What can we do for you?
    FLUKO is a leader in high shear, dispersion, mixing and mixing technology in China, with excellent design and manufacturing experience. FLUKO's mixing equipment has been widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. We provide you with extensive solutions from lab to industrial scale applications. Our equipment can meet different needs of your inline or batch process.
    2. Can you provide complete equipment with tank and electrical controls?
    Yes, we can. You can contact our sales engineer for more information about it.
    3. Can FLUKO choose the equipment material for the user according to the working conditions?
    The equipment materials are specified by the user, and FLUKO can provide reference and suggestion.
    4. Can FLUKO assist in the design of mixing vessels?
    Yes. We can provide suggestions for the geometry of the mixing vessels with internals and the location for equipment installation according to the customer's work to help you optimize the blending effect.
    5. Can FLUKO provide service on-site?
    Yes, we can.
    6. Does the product of FLUKO meet the requirements of GMP?
    FLUKO quality management system can be based on customer's GMP certification requirements to provide relevant documents to support.
    7. How to get more information and price?
    Please contact our sales engineer.

    1. What kinds of mixing equipment does FLUKO provide?

    FLUKO batch mixing equipment and static mixing equipment. We can do the processing according to the drawings provided by customers, and we can recommend the proper mixer according to the customers' working conditions. In addition, we recommend in particular to you the distinguished Jetmixers®.

    2. How to choose the mechanical seal?

    The selection of the mechanical seal is related to the nature of the material, the temperature and pressure in the mixing vessel, the size of the agitator, the speed of rotation and the external operating environment. Our engineer will help you to choose it.

    3. Why we need design coupling inside the vessel?

    Setting the coupling in the stirred vessel is beneficial to the installation and maintenance of the mechanical seal, shaft and blade. In some cases (such as displacement compensation), it is necessary to set up the couplings, and in some cases they are more convenient for practical use and maintenance.

    4. Is it necessary to install the baffle in the mixing vessel and how to design the size of the baffle?

    Usually for the center installation of ordinary mixing, when the viscosity of the fluid is less than 1000cp, the mixing vessel can be spaced 90 degrees or 120 degrees, set 3~4 baffle. In the case of little stirring power, the width of the baffle is 1/12D (D is the diameter of the mixing vessel), and the baffle is 1/3Wb (Wb is the width of the baffle) from the vessel wall.

    5. I bought the mixing equipment with same power, but why is the mixing effect different?

    There is no direct relation between mixing power and mixing effect. The shape of blade, the number of layers, the size, the speed, the design of the stirring vessel and the inner parts are the key points that influence the mixing effect.

    6. Is it necessary to consider setting up multiple agitators or multiple impellers in the same mixing vessel?

    For a particular type and size of agitator blades, the range of agitation is usually limited. FLUKO engineers can select and configure multiple / multi layer mixing according to the specific application conditions of customers.

    7. Can the FLUKO provide pneumatic mixing equipment in an explosion proof environment?

    We can provide pneumatic mixing lab equipment and pilot.

    8. Which new mixing technologies does FLUKO provide to help customers improve mixing efficiency and enhance mixing efficiency?

    Jetmixer®: With special rotor diversion cavity design is adopted. By using the high speed rotation of the rotor, a strong vertical circulation is formed in the diversion cavity, and the whole fluid in the container is recycled to form a macro mixing. High shearing force is produced at the end of the agitator, which can effectively reduce the particle size and promote micro mixing.

    Micro channel dispersion mixing technology and inverse flow: During early research the gas-liquid dispersion in the mixing vessel was done by cutting gas into small bubbles, recent studies have found that the gas-liquid dispersion by cavitation effect. FLUKO according to the characteristics of gas-liquid mixture, through micro channel and multi mixing optimization design, the bubble distribution is more uniform, can effectively reduce the flooding phenomenon, the increase of liquid gas loading time, improve the reaction efficiency and product yield.

    9. How to achieve the industrial scale up of the mixing process, is there a theory or formula that can be followed?

    For batch mixing, the process is related to temperature, concentration, reaction time, and shear rate. Scale-up of the industry is designed to allow the variables of each volume cell in the industrial reactor to be consistent with the laboratory reactor, thus reproducing the experimental scale results. There are some theories and formulas to enlarge the mixing process, but they depend heavily on experience.


    1. What is the basic principle of high shear dispersion mixing?

    High shear dispersion mixing is achieved by high rotational speed motion of the rotor, resulting in very high tip speed at the rotor end. Because of the difference of speed between rotor end and stator end, strong shearing and disturbance effects are formed in the gap of stator and rotor.

    2. Why use high shear dispersion mixing equipment instead of ordinary mixer?

    The normal agitator is suitable for mixing liquid and enhancing heat transfer effect. However, when mixing with different viscosity liquids, or emulsifying, homogenizing, crushing, dissolving, refining powder, reducing particle size and accelerating reaction, ordinary mixers are often difficult to achieve satisfactory results. FLUKO high shear dispersion mixing equipment can solve these problems more perfectly, while saving you more than 90% of the mixing time, improve efficiency and capacity.

    3. Application difference between high shear dispersion mixing and static mixer.

    FLUKO can provide you with static mixer products. The static mixer belongs to a low shear device, which is constructed with a mixing unit with different specifications in a hollow pipe. In the mixed unit under the action of fluid and sometimes left, sometimes right rotation, changing the direction, not only the center to periphery and the surrounding fluid, fluid to fluid production center, cutting, shear, rotation and re mixing effect. Static mixers are commonly used for mixing between ordinary liquids and gas-liquid mixing conditions. Since the static itself has no moving parts, an auxiliary pump is often needed to provide kinetic energy for fluid flow.

    When you need mixed liquid viscosity difference, or when you want to achieve emulsification, dispersion, powder and reaction and other functions, you need to use FLUKO high shear dispersion mixing equipment.

    4. How to solve the problem of agglomeration and lumps of materials during the process of mixing ?

    Many clients often encounter agglomerates and lumps during the mixing of powders and liquids, while conventional mixers are difficult to crush and disperse. Our FLUKO inline high shear dispersing mixing equipment can help you solve the problem, materials in high shear can easily block fragmentation, so that your products are more fine. FLUKO inline equipment is easy to install, simple operation, easy to maintain and easy to clean.

    5. Can I try it first and then decide whether to buy it or not?

    FLUKO offers regular laboratory and pilot equipment. You are welcome to visit our lab and test it. For customers with special requirements, we can provide some industrial production prototype for you to test. Please consult our sales engineer for more help.

    6. FLUKO high shear dispersing mixing equipment applies to emulsification operation. What is the drop size of the product?

    The droplet size of stabilized emulsions mainly depends on the formula, and our equipment can usually help you reach 2~5 um even lower according to customer needs.

    7. How can the particle size of the product be achieved if FLUKO high shear dispersing mixing equipment is applied to solid-liquid mixing operation?

    The crushing effect of the equipment on the particles of the material is related to the hardness of the particles. According to the customer's needs, our equipment can help you achieve the size of 5~10 mu m or even lower.

    8. What is the difference between FLUKO inline high shear dispersion mixing equipment and shear pump?

    FLUKO high shear dispersion mixing equipment is designed for emulsifying, homogenizing, crushing, dissolving, powder and accelerate the reaction and design, it has the characteristics of large flow, strong versatility, and have certain self-absorption. We select stator/rotor according to different working conditions to achieve better results.

    Shear pump is a modification of centrifugal pump, the limited shear capacity can only be applied to simple conditions, the effect is obviously different from that of FLUKO inline high shear equipment, and the versatility is less than inline high shear equipment.

    9. What effect does high shear equipment have on the micro mixing efficiency during chemical reactions?

    The microscopic efficiency of chemical reactions is usually reflected by the separation index. The larger the separation index is, the more obvious the competition degree of side reaction is. Proved by experiments, in specific application conditions, using FLUKO high shear dispersiing mixing equipment to replace the traditional mixing, the chemical reaction of segregation index decreases 1~2 magnitude.

    10. How to achieve high shear dispersing mixing process in industrial scale up which can be use the in regular cycle?

    High shear dispersing mixing effect is from stator/rotor design, tip speed, viscosity motor power and shear characteristics, dispersing and mixing process is very complicate, there is not simple rule. According to your working conditions, FLUKO engineers can give professional equipment selection suggestions.

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