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Aspartame, acesulfame and saccharin, etc., can be made into "low-calorie", "sugar-free" or "weight loss" soft drinks.

  • Dispersion of Artificial Sweeteners
    FLUKO Inline High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier

    "Low-calorie", "sugar-free" or "weight loss" soft drinks are formulated with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame and saccharin. These ingredients are more expensive than the sucrose used in the "original" formula, but a small amount of artificial sweeteners can replace the high sugar content. The disadvantage is that they cannot replicate the viscosity and texture (also called "taste") of sugar-based formulas. Thickeners such as CMC are usually added to make up for this.


    The basic manufacturing process includes three stages.

    1. Disperse the powdered ingredients in alcohol, cream or water (depending on the process conditions).

    2. Multiphase materials are pre-mixed to form a pre-emulsion.

    3. Use a high-pressure homogenizer to obtain a stable emulsion to avoid separation in the bottle.


    Some problems may be encountered when using traditional mixers:

    1. The raw materials need a long mixing time to be completely wetted, dispersed and dissolved.

    2. Powders such as caseinate and milk powder are highly viscous, easy to form agglomerates, and not easy to disperse with normal mixer.

    3. Tyrosinate is difficult to dissolve, and the viscosity will increase rapidly especially when it is directly added to the cream, the shear force of the mixer is insufficient, and the stable low spherical pre-emulsion required by the high-pressure homogenizer cannot be formed. In order to obtain the desired product, it may be necessary to pass through the high-pressure homogenizer many times, but the ingredients in the material are more sensitive to heat and need to be avoided to evaporate.


    These problems can be solved by adding FLUKO inline high shear dispersing emulsifier to the existing system. The inline dispersing emulsifier is located between the tank and the high-pressure homogenizer. Before entering the high-pressure homogenizer, the inline dispersing emulsifier fully refines the material to solve the problem of uneven particle size distribution.

    Steps as below:

    1. The high-speed rotation of the rotor produces a strong suction force, so that the liquid and powder and other raw materials can quickly enter the working chamber.

    2. The centrifugal force transports the material to the edge of the stator and rotor, and the material is subjected to high-strength shearing force in the gap between the rotor and the stator wall, and the agglomerates in the system are quickly dispersed into the liquid phase and decomposed;

    3. When the material enters the working head, it will pass through the gap between the stator and rotor, and will be continuously thrown out after being subjected to shearing force. When all materials continue to circulate through the working head, their particle size is continuously reduced, and the specific surface area is continuously increased, and the liquid phase is quickly and fully combined to accelerate the dissolution process.


    1. The inline high shear dispersing emulsifier can make 100% of the materials processed through the shearing chamber, which with high efficiency.

    2. The shearing force is locked in the chamber, the energy density is greatly increased, and the material processing effect is improved.

    3. As the previous process of the high-pressure homogenizer, the homogenization time can be shortened exponentially , and the particle size can form a very narrow distribution.

    4. The equipment is modular in design, which is easy to connect to the existing system without changing the tank.

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