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FT Microreactor

"Trigram-fish-shaped microreactor" FT series are the microchannel reactors independently developed by the collaboration of FLUKO and Tianjin University, with the intellectual property rights (patent design).Based on many years of R&Dresults, application experiences and deep understanding of reaction process, the collaborated team has successfully designed and explored the "Trigram-fish-shaped reactor", expanding the performance of microchannel reactors.

"Trigram-fish-shaped microreactor" FT series have the advantages of large specific surface area, high mass and heat transfer efficiency, high safety, and small scale-up effect.Compared with traditional batchreactors, the microreactors cancontrol precisely the feeding rate, reaction temperature, reaction pressure and reaction time; and provide more reproducibility, longer stabilityand higher efficiency during the process optimization and scale-up, occupying smaller space and implementing continuously andautomatically, as well as significantly saving the production time and costs. "Trigram-fish-shaped microreactor" FT series adoptthe core techniques of microfluidics and are suitable for most chemical reaction processes, representing the new perspective of green chemical processes.

The materials of the FT series reactors can be selected as various metals, glass, silicon carbide and so on, according to the actualprocess conditions of individual customers, aiming at shortening the reaction time, reducing the material consumption andimproving the reaction conversion rate, the selectivity, the product yield and quality, reducing production costs and environmen-tal pollution. The FT series can accomplish successfully the reliable transfer and scale-up from the laboratory, the pilot to theindustrial production, covering the overall scale-levels.

Application fields of FT series microchannel reactor
Fine chemicals,pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, petrochemicals, high-risk chemistry, biochemistry, polymerchemistry and other chemical fields.
Suitable reaction types
Fast and heavily exothermic reactions: nitration, sulfonation, rearrangement, ion polymerization, alkylation, etc. High-risk reactions: hydrogenation, halogenation, oxidation, peroxidation, phosgenation, diazo coupling reaction, reoxidation reaction, etc.
Extreme conditions: supercritical, ultra-low & high temperature, ultra-high pressure reactions, etc. New reactions: photochemical, electrochemical reactions, etc.
High-viscosity, solid-containing reaction system can choose FLUKO's " high-shear reaction equipment".

Glass reactors are suitable for chemical reactions in laboratories and industries. Such as: decomposition reaction, compound reaction, metathesis reaction, redox reaction, electrochemical reaction, hydrolysis reaction, esterification reaction, saponification reaction, polymerization reaction, etc. The system is modular in design, and the processing capacity is from 10L to 100L. It is flexible, reliable and durable. It has complete accessories such as multifunctional mixing, vacuum, distillation and condensation, and can be replaced or integrated with other components at any time.

The microchannel design of "Trigram-fish-shaped" takes into account the comprehensive optimization of mixing, mass transfer, heat transfer and pressure drop; the structure of "sudden expansion and sudden contraction" can efficiently utilize the energy dissipation in microchannel; while the structure of "Trigram fish eye" can simultaneously realize the collision, fragmentation and diversion of fluid, ensure the efficiently mixing effect and increase the mass transfer area of multiple phases, so as to achieve low pressure drop under the same mixing and mass transfer efficiency; new double-sided heat transfer technology provides the system with highly efficient heat transfer properties.


Power supply 220V,50/60Hz
Vessel capacity 10L
Glass material High borosilicate glass GG-17
Frame material SS304
Vessel cover material High borosilicate glass GG-17
Vessel cover diameter 265mm
Cover ports quantity 7
Mixer motor power 120W
Speed adjustment type Frequency control
Rotation speed range 50~400rpm
Temperature range -60~200℃
Digital display Rotation speed, medium temperature
Type of seal Mechanical seal
Maximum vacuum degree < 20mbar
Material of mixer shaft SS304 coated with PTFE
Type of mixer agitator Screw type
Type of temperature meter PT100 digital
Vacuum meter Indicator
Discharging valve Bottom discharge with PTFE
Outlet Bottom discharge
Condenser type and heat transfer area of condensation recovery Double layer screw shape 0.40㎡
Constant pressure hopper 500mL
Divide bottle 250mL with valve
Collect bottle 5L - NS24×2 with bottom valve
Temperature measurement port NS24
Liquid medium valve/Air intake valve NS29
Condensing port NS34
Spare ports F50 x2(PH/conductivity meter by customer)
Solid feeding port SF110
Liquid leakage plate SS316 - removable plate
Caster Load bearing brake casters
Vessel bottom valve O ring FFKM
Mixing O ring FFKM
Vessel cover and diverter valve O ring coated with PTFE
Jacket O ring FKM
Other position O ring-blind plate/bottom valve gasket etc EPDM
Thermal insulation sleeve Available
Overall dimensions 900×500×1900
Model Material Designed temperature Designed pressure Reaction volume Flow rate Annual processing capacity
FT1 SS316L(special glass, SiC) -50~300℃
(special glass, SiC:-40~200℃)
(special glass, SiC:0-20bar)
0.6mL 1.0~10.0 mL/min 0.5~5t/a
FT2 SS316L -50~300℃
(special glass, SiC:-40~200℃)
(special glass, SiC:0-20bar)
3.6mL 10.0~200.0 mL/min 5~100t/a
FT3 SS316L -50~300℃
(special glass, SiC:-40~200℃)
(special glass, SiC:0-20bar)
45mL 200~2000 mL/min 100~1000t/a
FT4 SS316L -50~300℃
(special glass, SiC:-40~200℃)
(special glass, SiC:0-20bar)

2000~10000 mL/min

FT5 SS316L -50~300℃
(special glass, SiC:-40~200℃)
(special glass, SiC:0-20bar)
500mL 5000~20000 mL/min 5000~10000t/a






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